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    Virtually there

    For years, we've all heard about the mythical "paperless office".  Yes, it would be nice to eliminate the costs associated with handling paper.  The problem is getting everyone to quit using paper at the same time.  You can set up your office to run without paper, but your vendors and customers will still require you to both send and receive paper.  After a while, you become discouraged with the idea of a paperless office and realize that computers are actually increasing, not decreasing, the amount of paper that you must interact with.

    The problem is in the objective.  The paperless office would actually be the outgrowth of a concept of doing business with a decreased need for paper for verification, archiving, and portability.  The real objective is to have an office and its information/data be available wherever you need it.  If the office was always "virtually there" and available to you, your paper needs would begin to vanish.

    We now have sufficient technology to create an office environment that is there - with you - virtually.  We call it "Virtually there", or "Vthere".  We have a methodology that will allow the paper documents to be seamlessly archived so that when you need them, not just the information that they contain, but the actual documents, as well as utilization of the information that they contain, are available to you.  You need 10 file cabinets to house your 5-year maintained paper about 5 DVDs that can be made available on a moment's notice?

    Have you ever wished that the auditors would hurry and get out of everyone's way?  Why not let them work off-site?!  Why not bring the office to them rather than bring them to your office?  That would keep them out of the way.

    Do you get inventory double committed as your outside sales people call in to different personnel to check inventory and commit it to sales?  Why not have them able to view the inventory in real time and see the depletion as it is occurring.  That might even assist in the sales process itself...  And what about those expensive catalogs?  Wouldn't it help your sales people if the pictures were available as soon as new products are added?  Imagine going out into the yard "live" and showing the customer the products?  All you have to do is be virtually there...Vthere!!

    This not a canned software package; rather it is a methodology.  We have identified, or modified, or just written from scratch, all of the necessary components to accomplish the separate supportive tasks needed to implement a virtual office.  We are always looking for better, upgrading, or writing our own replacements to ensure that we can apply our methodical approach to creation of the virtual office environment.  You can manage your business with confidence knowing that we are always looking to meet your needs - now and into the future - for a virtual office.

    All businesses have specific needs.  Some businesses only need a primary server and a fail-over server on-site, with solid backups and archival augmented by scanning and fax input for "paper" document images.  Others need multiple synchronized servers spread across the country (or world) that are available 24/7, with seamless fail-over upon loss of any one server and certified support for differing inventory controls between their vendors and customers (including specific transfer formats and procedures).  We can even take this so far as to automatically normalize and synchronize with offline laptops every time that they become available online!

    Your office really can be wherever it is needed by virtualization.  You really can have everyone virtually there rather than needing to be there.

    Your virtual office of tomorrow is here today - Vthere.  When you can Vthere, you won't need to be there.  It's life-changing...  Your business can expand in smaller modules, personnel can work from home or locations closer to their home.  You really can enjoy the flexibility, reduction in overhead, and new business growth...when you can Vthere.

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