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    As of the first couple of weeks of February, we are releasing our long anticipated NEW and IMPROVED web site!  Dancing in our chairs.

    BOSSNET, LLC  addresses the needs of customers belonging to identifiable niches in specific industries and/or geographical areas.  Products are designed to address existing and anticipated needs for information and process management, integrated where appropriate with existing systems and emerging technologies. Delivery options include both the traditional in-house system model and the emerging ASP model.

    One of BOSSNet's premier applications is Appgen.  We specialize in the Appgen line of products for  a simple reason, we can customize, add, modify , or enhance the source code and install on your system or host it for you on our servers!

    We have authored many verticals . BOSSNet offers a range of integrated and targeted information and process-management products and services, provided at a cost advantage by experienced participants within an entrepreneurial and innovational structure.  providing effective business and information system solutions for strategic or operational requirements.